These days, smartphones have become one of the vital tools of our life. You can stay away from anything but not your phone. Also, the phone has become one the most risky tools giving almost every needs of life. This pandemic has fuelled the situation more, turning the real classroom into digital classrooms and reducing outdoor games for contaminations. Children have shifted to online gaming, online books, and many more. Although a smartphone is a handy tool in our life giving knowledge to usage and connection altogether.  It comes with a more amazing price, mostly for our kids.


You may have heard of Smartphone radiation, and their network tower radiation is so harmful to nature. It omits birds and bees risking them. They are equally harmful to your kids. The study suggests that smartphone radiation can cause tumors sometimes nonbenign. Many low budgets more usage of phones do not rule the amount of radiation for cost-cutting. It causes adverse and lifelong effects on your kids.

Effects on brain activity:

The electromagnetic radiation of the phone affects our brain. As smartphones run on electromagnetic connection, longer screen timing alters our children’s brain functions. Experts advise to lower their screen timing, so it does not affect their growing mind. 

Educational performance:

Suppose you spend too much time on cellphone results in too little time for academics. Smartphone has become possibly the first option apart from computer facetime, children have started misusing it. You should provide a printed copy of the notes or Ebook shared for academic purposes. If nothing is possible, be cautious to ensure no unnecessary usage of phones.

Contaminated sites and apps:

Firstly, kids are always curious, and you cannot stop them from investigating. Secondly, they want to know more, and that traps them into bad influences. Thirdly, mobile is the perfect device to target today’s kids. From social media to life-threatening online games, kids are the easiest target from drugs to other illegal rackets. Keep a check on them to provide extra cautious guidance, and monitor their mental and emotional health. Kids aren’t ready to take harmful social media influences either, no matter how legal those sites are. Social media has become one of the worst enemies for our daily mental health.

Sleep disturbances:

You might have heard of dry eyes caused by too much screen timing on a digital screen. We do not blink that often looking at a smartphone as often we should be. Furthermore, it causes a habit of not closing our eyes even if we are dead tired. Kids are trapped in it too. Lesser blinking dries out the natural lubricant of kids’ eyes, causing early eye problems. And the constant light keeps them awake for a more extended period. Moreoever, the effects of insomnia is something we do not need to say it’s horrible after effects.

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