This pandemic has changed everyone’s sleep pattern, as its three o’clock in the morning, and you are awake. As you turn toward the other side of the bed, you guess it has changed your family member’s sleep patterns as well as busy with their Smartphone playing videogames. In the morning, you wake up every day with a phone call from your mother. Half asleep, never completing a proper sleep, you will have arguments with your mother for the freedom of sleep.

Is the pandemic helping me to understand the value of cellphones?

But is it the pandemic, though? We have succumbed to our mobile phones so much we do not even realize that real freedom is getting destroyed. One more game is one less real-life conversation with the person sleeping next to me. One more post in social media is engaging our valuable time to things that don’t matter to anyone else. 

We are addicted to our phones; nowadays, we cannot even think one hour without cellular data or wifi connection. We straight away call the service provider to fix it, and when it is fixed, we aren’t doing anything productive. Maybe scrolling through social media or over watching video streaming damaging our eyes. How much money and time are we investing in this one small gadget?

Why are smartphones not so important than we think it is?

A smartphone is important, but it isn’t that important. If you can think clearly, it isn’t the pandemic that has changed our sleep pattern. It isn’t your mother who has interrupted your sleep. Every 5 minutes, we get some updates scrolling through our phone that destroy our sanity. Like A loop, you will share your depressed state with someone, how your mother doesn’t understand you need proper sleep, how your partner does give you any time, etc., while you might be keeping another person busy at the same condition like yourself. And the circle goes on. 

Why do you need to spend more time on the phone?

Are cellphones necessary? Why do we become a slave for smartphones? We have no answer. Or maybe we do. It is an illusion of freedom. We think we can do anything from a smartphone. The whole world is in our hands. While the reality is, everything matters are slowly slipping away from our hands. The reality lies within real conversations, with a real hug. Instead of a smiley that we send to our virtual friends, our family’s real laugh will give us pure joy and happiness. The support and mental satisfaction we are looking for in a small device can be found in real people, and they need it. We all are looking for real people, in reality, avoiding the real people.


This is a very crucial time for us to choose what is good for us. What do we choose a virtual reality of filtered vision or fixing our real problems and understanding the positivity of everyday life? Or you would say, how do you choose to use your smartphone? Like today you can call your mother and say you love her, or today you can put a status on social media, again you could not sleep because your mother woke you up in the morning. We think “I love you” works better, or the best.

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