Back then, in our time, the mobile phone was a strict no as it was said to be harmful to our studies. This year has changed and silenced all those arguments introducing E classes for the global pandemic. When I was teaching at a school, students were continuously busy with their phone from 9 am to 7 pm. That is how we teach now, sharing texts, doing video conferences, sharing images or voice notes, etc. you cannot keep your child away from a smartphone anymore. We all are struggling with the new digital dominance and how to limit access. Here are a few things you may follow to keep your kids away from the phone. 


Everything starts with you, especially for your kids. If you keep scrolling your phone in front of your kids, they will not learn anything from you, the pros and cons of smartphones. Instead, it will make them anxious, building a concept of unfair treatment in their little brain. Put your phone down in front of your kids, set an example of yoga, exercise, cooking, gardening, reading, art, music, etc. by seeing you, your kids will follow your path.

Monitor E classes

Online classes are essential, so does your children’s mental health. If needed, talk to their teachers, talk to the school administrators. Excessive usage of a digital screen is more harmful than your kid’s unfinished syllabus. You can sit with your kids and study together in a playful manner instead of hour-long online classes.

Monitor activities

Smartphone opens a door for your kids unable to understand whether it is good or bad. You never know that in the name of Eclasses, they might be busy in some other harmful activities to their health and mental state. Monitor their class timing, check internet histories to ensure they are out of danger, limit access to the internet or specific apps.  

Offline activities

Let your kids know how we and our previous generations have survived without a phone. Teach them essential housework, like cleaning, basic cooking, let them pick a hobby like music or painting, or outdoor and indoor sports. Guide them to do more physical movements, let them connect with nature. If possible, adopt a pet. These will teach them a kindness; make them independent and practical too. And also, you will bond better with your kids sharing daily activities, helping each other.

Set boundaries

Being a parent, you have the right to set narrow boundaries, and believe us, kids love a little control from their parents now and then. Sometimes they feel lost and cannot express the thought that they need a little guidance and control. Being an adult, being their role model, they trust you more than anyone. So feel free to say one game, and we will cook your favorite pasta together. Feel free to treat them with new books and small gifts every time they listen to you. 

Let them be an example

Your kids often get phone calls from their friends for a video game time, movie, or series suggestions. Many of your kids’ friends might be stuck in the same lifestyle from where you want your kids to come out. Let your kids be an influencer; let them invite their friends to insight into your way of living. Learning science and mysteries together, real-life treasure hunt time, music and handmade gift making, etc.

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