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Do you know globally people spend 3.5hrs per day an average on their smartphones?
Know how much time you’re spending on smartphone today!


How It Works

Stay Away app makes you aware about your phone usage. It estimates time usage of each app you use on your phone.
App has 3 core features which will help you to minimise your phone usage & increase productivity.

App Limits

Set usage limit to apps on which you spend more time.


Set the downtime where apps will be having no access.

Always Allowed

Allow some important apps even in the downtime.

Want to know if you’re addicted to your phone or not?
Checkout this video.

Amazing Features

Stay Away offers awesome features to their users.



We only save your e-mail ID to send password in case you forget it. Read our privacy policy




Stay Away has been designed with clean coding which asks only required permissions.



Strong PIN lock system keeps your app secured.



Simple yet attractive user friendly interface. Dark mode UI which won’t hurt your eyes.



Our 3 core features enables the power to control your phone addiction.



Our e-mail support team will reply to your queries within 12hours.

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Other Features

To control your phone addiction, Stay Away has empowered with many great features.



This features makes you aware about how many times you unlock your phone & during what time. Awesome isn’t it?


Usage Patterns

At a glance you can see daiy/weekly/monthly phone usage & its patterns from home screen of the app.


Weekly Notifications

Every Sunday you will get notification with weekly average usage of your phone.



Don’t want to open the app? Cool… Use tiny widget & place it on your phone’s home screen.



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Cost Effective

With our yearly membership you will get 50% discount. Hurry up! Subscribe today & get rid of phone addiction.

Great Pricing Plans

Get most out of the premium membership at lowest price ever.
Plus you willl get premium support where, your queries will be answered within 24hrs.

Confused whether to subscribe or not?

Well, here are benefits of subscribing to Stay Away app:

  •  Keeps you away from Insomnia disease.
  •  Increases your productivity.
  •  Keeps you away from Myopia disease.
  •  Makes you real thinker than just Googler.

User Testimonials

AMAZING can’t describe with words just experience it

Reyyan Nur Ural  – From Google Play Review

It’s a good app..It helps to find out how much time I spend in every app..I can select the time which I spend to each app..really a helpfull all should try it🙂

Mumu Roy – From Google Play Review

I used to spend the whole day scrolling through my phone. But when I started using this app, my hours on using my phone decreased from 10+ hours to 4 hours or less. I became more aware. It’s super effective!

Cypher Choi – From Google Play Review

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