Human beings are social animals who cannot live in isolation. Yet, every human being focuses on himself or herself while natural instincts rule them. Every living animal focuses on its own life. However, none like a modern human being. A modern human being is complex and always tries hard to become successful. It is through a social contract that it is present in the minds and brains of every human. However, this goes up higher on the social scale is the parameter of success. Also, it includes the expenditure of a great deal of energy into minting money for self and the family.

Some famous sayings

According to Charles Darwin, all living animals strive for living. It is a constant state of conflict in which they spend their lives. In addition, Darwin said that the life of the fittest was the only way to live. Human beings find their USP for living in the intellectualism and try to use their gifts.

The power of memory and experience made human learn about self and the world. In the preliminary stage of its advent, in the prehistoric era, human beings were hunter-gatherers. They lived for collecting food and spending their lives. The only thought that clouded their minds was the animal instinct of life, just not to die.

How humans have become stronger?

As human civilization advanced over years of scientific and cultural advancements, centrism over self, the consciousness over selfhood grew stronger in humans. Individualism first came in the spotlight in the Victorian era. Furthermore, the spirit of exploration, of not only the world but also self, took over the general spirit of the age. Also, this spirit of individualism and the importance of one’s own choices found its voice in literature too, such as in the poems of English poet Alfred Lord Tennyson. Moreover, in Tennyson’s poem ‘Ulysses’, the hero Ulysses leaves his home, land, and son in order to find his own solace in sea voyages and exploration of the unknown. Ulysses’ dream to find his strength and calm in himself has outgrown itself a long way in the modern age.


The World Wars made the human race realize that they were mere puppets in the hand of the curses of globalization and science. The approach of the Victorian era has transformed.  into a narcissistic view of lifestyle that the modern man believes to be private and soothing. Modern man has a general tendency to not see, listen, or speak things that are incorrect. Modern man’s fear for his own life makes it silent about the burning issues.

A child from its birth learns to be selfish and be in total control of its life. Any act of kindness is garbed as a charity, whereby it is implied that an act of kindness is actually an act of excess, and that’s how the tradition goes on.

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