Mobile phones have made our day to day life easier. We can access the world through mobile phones using our fingertips. These are light in weight and can be carried easily. Mobile phones have played a large role in communication. Now, at a single tap, we can communicate with anyone instantly. The earlier methods of communication didn’t allow us all the benefits that we get from mobile phones. Human beings have always craved for better communication. We can access the internet through this small device.


Communication is a very important key to human life. We always require the need of communicating with one another. It helps us live and grow in our individual lives. Mobile phones have various ways in which one can communicate with people. One can dial a number and have a voice call or message a text to a receiver located at any corner of the world.


Internet is a great boon to society. It holds all information, knowledge and entertainment, all of it together inside its great web. At the beginning of the trend of mobile phones, the internet was not that abundant and stable in mobile devices. Internet connectivity over a smartphone was expensive as well. But as time passed by, internet connectivity improved all around the world and now the society cannot imagine a mobile phone without internet. With the advancement of spectrum bandwidths for the internet, mobile phones can now avail the internet from any remote corner of the world as well. We are able to now grasp any knowledge from the internet or groove to any music we want to at any point in time.

Smartphones and apps

Apps or applications are the compressed versions of software to be run by a smartphone. In the present day, we have apps for almost every task. There exist social media apps, digital painting apps, messaging apps, productivity apps, tools apps, game apps, and many more. Apps are what that run almost all the auxiliary functions of a smartphone except the feature of communication, that is, voice calling and SMS. There are system apps which make daily chores easier as well. There is a calculator tool, a unit converter, a compass, an FM radio and other necessary tools or objects for daily usage, all in the form of apps.

Social media apps

Social media apps are nowadays a part of almost every individual’s life. With the advent of smartphones, internet and more advanced technology, the world has become a much smaller place to live in. Moreover, it is not possible for everyone to physically keep in contact with people in our lives. Furthermore, social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are giving a platform to the people to connect.

Digital transaction apps

In this age of smartphones, we do not need to carry around wallets as well. Therefore, the apps have been developed to work in smartphones in the same way digital banking has worked all these years. Now it is possible to pay any merchant or to send money to kith and kin within seconds at a tap of our fingers.

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