The life of a modern man is pretty unhealthy and harmful in the long run. Globalization and consumerism are turning humans into a kind of a herd of sheep where people follow others. Modern life goes well with modern urban cities.

The majority of the population of the world are of middle-class people who fare averagely in their respective societies. This middle-class population is the target user base of the corporations, multinational firms, and firms that produce goods. The modern user believes in the benefit of the products that they are using. The use of good tops the preference of an individual following a modern life.

More usage of smartphones

Today mobile phones or smartphones have become a part and parcel of our life. Mobile phones have now become the newest version of diaries, or better even to say, a friend. The average human spends a good amount of the day on phones.

How it is touching the modern relationship?

In the present day, a modern smartphone user can place a connecting call at a lower cost. Whenever you need it, the internet makes access to the world within the fingertips. Without a phone, teenagers are feeling depressed and lonely. Romantic relationships also seem to take a downward turn due to the addiction towards the phone. Human society is becoming more and more nuclear as well. Social media adds to the layer to augmented reality which the herd mentality of the users finds tempting. 

Managing time and life

The experts are studying the remarkable spike in the depression in all kinds of people. The people born in the 1990s are facing a lot of problems lately. You can trace the cause of this disease in the younger people by the over-dependency over technology and gadgets for comfort. The young boys and girls, in general, are getting socially isolated, falling into depression, lacking in enthusiasm and concentration, and emotional growth.


The busy but mundane schedule of modern times is also taking a toll on the health of all the people. There does not exist at any time for you to enjoy the leisure and refresh yourself up. The population is generally trained up from childhood to be a total citizen. It is much analogous to a rat trapped in a race that has only one track. Freedom of choice does not exist in modern life. There only exist choices for goods which fill the desire for the good life amongst the working population of the world.

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