It is the twenty-first century, and mobile phones or smartphones have become part and parcel of our life. It has taken over such a place in the life of the people. You can say that there is a link between the core qualities of a human being. Mobile phones have now become the newest version of personal diaries, or better even to say, a close partner. People are spending a lot of time using their phones.

Communication through the ages

Communication has always been a vital part of human culture. Since human culture, there was a growing need to connect with other people and exchange words. As contact between human beings evolved, the language grew up, starting up a new range. But ordinary day to day conversation is always physically demanding. You have to mostly meet a person to communicate with the person properly. Language was scripted later on, but letters did not have the same essence that of listening to spoken words. You can misinterpret the written words quickly due to the absence of vocal words. This had been the scenario of conversation throughout the world for many centuries.

The invention of the telephone

This mundane scenario of the world of communication changed with the industrial and technological revolutions. In 1876, Scottish-American inventor and scientist Alexander Graham Bell was awarded the patent for the first telephone. The modern research deems Antonio Meucci, an Italian inventor, invented the telephone. But not much about Meucci is historically known. Alexander Graham Bell transmitted actual voice through his invented machine five days later after successfully obtaining the patent in the United States of America. Telegraph had already been there for distant relation. However, telephone revolutionised the world and made it a smaller place to dwell in in the next few decades.

How mobile phones affect relationships?

Telephones started to become personal and private in the latter part of the 1990s. It is now wireless and more compact to handle. The telephone companies are striving hard to make telephone smaller. This eventually is giving birth to smartphones, the futuristic and showy technology of a phone, computers, and many more. The usage of phones is growing globally after the World Wars. People could now have phones in their pockets and move wirelessly wherever and whenever they go. Talking to people in the distance became easier like never before. In the present day, you can make calls to anyone across the world without spending much. Without a phone, millennials have reported feeling depressed and lonely.


Romantic relationships also seem to take a downward turn due to the excessive addiction towards the phone. Social media adds to another layer to augmented reality which the herd mentality of the consumers finds irresistible.  

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