Today mobile phones or smartphones have become a part and parcel of our life. However, mobile phones have now become the newest version of personal diaries, or better even to say, a personal companion. The average global citizen, irrespective of whether urban or rural in the social background or cultural background, spend a significant amount of the day inside the virtual simulation of reality created by the phone. But mobile phones have made our day to day life a lot easier. Mobile phones have both positive and negative impacts on our lives.

Positive impacts

Communication is a very important key to human life. We always require the need of communicating with one another. It helps us live and grow in our individual lives. Mobile phones have various ways in which one can communicate with people. One can dial a number and have a voice call or message a text to a receiver located at any corner of the world.

Social media apps are nowadays a part of almost every individual’s life. With the advent of smartphones, the internet, and more advanced technology, the world has become a much smaller place to live in. It is not possible for everyone to physically keep in contact with people in our lives. Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have made it easier for people to connect with other people across the world in only a smartphone.

In this age of smartphones, we do not need to carry around wallets as well. Apps have been developed to work in smartphones in the same way digital banking has worked all these years. Now it is possible to pay any merchant or to send money to kith and kin within seconds at a tap of our fingers.

Negative impacts

People could now have phones in their pockets and move wirelessly wherever and whenever they go. Talking to people in distance became easier like never before. In the present day, a modern smartphone user can place an intercontinental call at a minimal cost whenever needed, the internet makes access to the world within the fingertips. Without a phone, millennials have reported feeling depressed and lonely.

Romantic relationships also seem to take a downward turn due to the excessive addiction towards a phone. Human society is becoming more and more nuclear and self-centered as well. Social media adds to another layer to augmented reality which the herd mentality of the consumers finds irresistible. 

Almost one out of four millennials suffer from depression related to phone addiction. The only feasible way to fight off or cure depression due to phone addiction is to associate oneself with social activities and go rather an old school and use the phone for the purpose of communication only.

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