In the present day, a modern smartphone user use the net over his or her fingertips. Without a phone, young people are feeling depressed and lonely. Romantic relations also seem to take a downward turn due to the habit towards the phone. Human beings are becoming more and more nuclear and self-centered as well. Social media adds to the other layer to augmented reality which the herd mentality of the users finds powerful. 

Nowadays, mobile phones or smartphones have become a part and parcel of our life. Mobile phones have now become the newest version of diaries, or better even to say, a personal companion. Moreover, people are spending a lot of time on phones now.

Modern life and usage of smartphones

The life of a modern man is pretty sick and harmful in the long run. Modern life goes well with the modern urban situation.

The majority of the people of the world have the middle-class people who fare averagely in their own nations. This middle-class group is the target user base of the firms, multinational firms, and companies that produce user goods. The modern user believes in the comfort of the products that they are using. Utility tops the choice of a person are following a modern life.

Smartphones and their link to depression

You can trace back the cause of worry in the younger ages of technology and gadgets for comfort. People are thinking about themselves and are not trying to connect via conversation socially. People are facing grief and difficulty because of such things. 

Globalization and consumerism ruling over the world made the world a much smaller space to dwell in. In such a case, every man does not look for society or other people anymore.

Smartphone addiction syndrome

Smartphone addiction is now wreaking havoc in the millennials. You can make the best use of the gift of technology and smartphones. It shows itself up in the form of sadness when a person is staying away from their smartphones.

Common symptoms of such habits and linked pain are dizziness, headache, migraine, nausea, disturbed sleep cycle, loss of appetite, irritable bowel, and loss of concentration. Almost one out of four millennials suffer from tension related to this habit. The only possible way to fight off or cure depression because of their habit is to link yourself with social actions and go instead of an old school and use the phone for communication only.

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