Mobile phones at large have been a friend or companion to almost every man. The invention of portable or mobile telephones has changed the arena of communication as a whole. It is the year 2020, and mobile phones or smartphones plays a vital role in our lives. It has now become the core part of a human being. 

The average global citizen spends a lot of time using their phones. Even when they are sitting and having lunch or dinner, they are on their phones.

Mobile phone through the centuries

Telephones started to become personal and private in the latter part of the 1990s. It became wireless and more compact to handle over the years. The telephone companies were striving hard to make the telephone smaller. This eventually gave birth to smartphones, the futuristic, cutting edge, showy technology of a phone, and a personal computer combined.

The usage of phones grew globally after the World Wars were done with, but it never came to this propensity. People could now have phones in their pockets and move wirelessly wherever and whenever they go. Talking to people in distance became easier like never before.

Addiction to phone

In the present day, smartphones are available in the market at lower prices. The internet is now making wonders because of many reasons. Without a phone, it becomes difficult for everyone to stay calm nowadays.

Today relationships are also happening over phones. The society is also becoming more nuclear because of phones. Social media is adding another great advantage as it is giving a unique platform for everyone to communicate. 

Depression through phone addiction

After the World Wars, the issue of mental illness came forth to the world through the works of great minds. A few people like Sigmund Freud, Jacques Lacan, and others starting working towards growth. Case studies and researches state that the issue of depression was rising irrespective of their geopolitical situation.

Globalization and consumerism ruling over the world made the world a much smaller space to dwell in. In such a scene, every man does not look for society or other individuals anymore.

Smartphone addiction is now a WHO accredited syndrome. It is now wreaking havoc in the millennials who can make the best use of information technology and smartphones. Smartphone addiction shows itself up in the form of depression when you are away from it.


Common symptoms of smartphone addiction are dizziness, headache, migraine, nausea, disturbing sleep cycle, loss of appetite, irritable bowel, and loss of concentration. Almost one out of four millennials suffer from depression related to phone addiction. The only feasible way to fight off or cure depression due to phone addiction is to associate oneself with social activities. They can go rather an old school way to use the phone for the purpose of communication only.

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