Do you know screen time hurts health? Most people tend to ignore this aspect, but it is always an alarming issue. It will affect vision when you stare at the screen over for long hours. You will develop a blurry vision and thereby will lead to headaches. It will also lead to situations when a person will be inflicted with pain on the shoulder and neck. 

Effects of Screen time on your vision

Screen time affects the sleep cycle since people spending long hours in front of screens face sleep disturbances. The blue light that comes from the digital screen tends to suppress the hormone that propagates sleep. It goes by the name of melatonin, and once it withers, the disruption in the sleep cycle finds its way. It sabotages the dopamine level, consequently impacting the neurons of the brain, leading to disruption in the potential sleep.

How does it affect your body?

Spending time in front of the screen leads to an increased risk of obesity and diabetes, furthermore resulting in cardiovascular disease in adults. Since people stay glued to the screen, so there pertains to be a loss in the level of sleep. Once there is a loss, it leads to a variety of health-related problems and affects the brain. The development of cardiovascular disease propels out of spending excessive time in front of the screen. 

Spending more time in front of the screen by watching videos and other content on social media disrupts the creative skills. They lose their ability to explore the space outside the screen since they tend to explore and build relationships only in front of the screen. In addition to this, it leads to a disruption in social skills. The user fails interact with the outside community and fosters communication and therefore attain creativity. The in-person interactions get faded into oblivion while the users feel uncomfortable while they are asked to communicate outside the screen space.

Studies have shown that children who spend excessive time in front of the screen develop linkage with aggression and become insensitive towards others. Along with this, children hooking to the internet, and playing games for long hours also creates psychological problems. They lose their ability to undertake the functions of planning and executing. Along with this, they also lose the sense of compassion and empathy and resort to the impulsiveness of animosity. 


The white matter of the brain also gets sabotaged due to the excessive addiction relating to the screen time. It also leads to the disruptions of the connections in the brain network, and children often act erratically in such situations. This the resultant situation of reduction of the cortical thickness of the brain. Therefore, they are subjected to impaired thinking.

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