Using smartphones has a long-lasting impact on the mind. Phone addiction leads to physical health problems. It paves the way for sleep deprivation and blurred vision. 

Due to the increasing accessibility to the internet, it has become easier to gain access. Therefore, this paves the situation for REM or rapid eye movement, which furthermore leads to slow-wave sleep. It affects the health by the suppression of the onset time involving the melatonin secretion. People stay awake for late hours, staying glued to their phone screen at midnights. It leads to a situation of noxious cognitive, including the psychological and emotional effects of smartphone usage and internet-based technologies.

How phone addiction harms your body?

The phone tends to circumscribe due to the electromagnetic fields, and the sleep gets disrupted due to the electroencephalograms. Smartphone users, instead of going to bed early at night, stay awake till morning. They either chat or scroll through other social media platforms. It tends to emit bright light that affects your sleep cycle as you constantly watch the screen.  

Electromagnetic radiation, therefore, is an important aspect of the usage of smartphones. Further, experts state that excessive usage leads to physical discomforts such as headaches and muscle pain. Therefore, it can adversely have an effect on sleep. Exposure to the smartphone is believed to have a tremendous impact on sleep onset, sleep duration, and sleep efficiency. The ensuing depletion hurts the sleep quality, and in the morning, the equilibrium concerning the daily work gets sabotaged. 

What does the study show about phone addiction?

Studies show that sleep disturbance leads to an increase in stress. Therefore, it is a disadvantage for the physical and psychological health of the individual. It also impacts the functioning of the body, leading to lower performance, obesity, and so on. 

People fall prey to the scrolling on social media, which is nothing but a waste of time. By doing so during midnight, it affects the eyes and minds of the users. Consequently, this sabotages the sleep cycle due to addiction. The normal routine sleep displaces by the operation of such smartphones. 


There is a tendency where people clings to their smartphones during the night that consequently affects their level of melatonin. During the night, when it starts buzzing or you get a text, the phones exert a flicker that alerts you even when you are about to fall asleep. Almost like a reflex, you get up and look at the phone in the middle of the night. This leads to the situation when the person inflicts with insomnia, and the dopamine level starts fluctuating. The sleep cycle gets disrupted, and you feel paranoid when you are not near the phone. This paranoia deprives you of the sleep that a person needs to function and replace it with the 24/7 usage. 

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