Whether the internet is a boon or bane has never been an easy topic to discuss over the years. It would be an injustice not to recognise the creation of these technological devices and medium like smartphones, the internet as its contribution to the advances in our daily life is many. But this should never blindfold us from criticizing the ill effects that it carries with. The Internet has become an essential tool in this period, causing the rapid rise of apps. The time consumption has been reduced so is our labour. The love of bringing everything at our fingertips, to make our lives more comfortable has led to mass popularity and need of these mobile apps for almost everything.

But unconsciously you have made yourself phone and app addict. In leisure time, you choose to scroll the screen except for doing something productive in life. The social media platforms, gaming apps and other attractive apps which are flooded with offers are the tropes you are getting yourself into. For these unproductive activities, you are losing faith and confidence and leading yourself to severe depression, stress and poor health condition.

But you are never late to recognize the addictive behaviour that is affecting most of your life. Take a step to quit. Though it may take the time, you need to undergo specific complex processes as it is always worth it.

Tips to avoid using your phone

Tolerance and determination quit addiction first thing is to prepare you mentally sharp and determined. Tolerance or resistance is the critical factor for the progress. You must keep reminding yourself about your goal. At first, it would seem to be very difficult, but the more you practice, the more you will start getting the results in the process you reconditioning yourself. It gets less intense over the period; you must determine in developing the tolerating behaviour.

Get Companies

Always try to connect yourself directly to your friends and keep your dear ones close. Talk to them and spend more time keeping your mobile aside. Spend more time with family.

Perusing Hobbies

There are innumerable ways to spend your leisure time except for scrolling screen with empty eyes and mind. Hobbies like cooking, gardening, reading books, writing, singing, painting and the list is never-ending. You can use the social media platform as well to showcase your talent as it has become one of the larger and cheaper platforms and get job opportunities as well.

Start a Project 

There is a famous saying that an empty mind is the source of an evil mind. Make yourself busy doing jobs or get into internships. Internships apps are highly available and make you busy. 

Fill Your Time

Always engage yourself in individual works. To make a schedule of the works has been proved to be beneficial forever. Always make yourself busy doing something. If you’re bored, try something new and explore your opportunities. 

Celebrate Your Accomplishment

Reward yourselves or do something beautiful to celebrate when you complete one task towards your achievement. 

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