Given the fact that smartphones have become an inseparable part of our daily existence. We cannot possibly live without the usage of smartphones for a moment or so. This is an alarming concern that should be focused upon. Medical health professionals have taken great interest in this matter.

Unable to stay without a smartphone?

If anyone asks you to stay a day away without using your smartphone what would you do, then? It is pretty obvious that you will grow helpless without checking on your phone.

Medical studies are proving that if a person stays without a phone for a shorter interval of time he/she needs help. Daily activities and mandating each and every single work is possible only due to the usage of the phone. You need to conceive that without a phone you will not be able to function.

How badly it affects the brain?

The way we are conditioning ourselves with the usage of technology and the existence of smartphones are sabotaging our existence. You will fail to concentrate or focus on a certain thing. It adversely affects the brain as the cells face an imbalance. Therefore, you need to delve deeper into the ill effects of it and minimize the usage of it.

Without the phone, you feel helpless and when you are crossing a road or in a meeting, you are so much engrossed in the phone that you forget about everything else. This might lead to a severe accident.

Medical researchers have undergone the structure where they found that excessive usage of smartphones can have an impact on the emotional and social development of children. It can lead to impairing our sleep patterns. In addition to this, some people become lazy.

Using it excessively

Excessive usage of smartphones might keep you awake at night when you should be sleeping. This leads to a reduction in the levels relating to melatonin. This hormone is instrumental in inducing the sleepiness in an individual. People might be delayed as they might take more time to fall asleep.

When the sleep cycle sabotages, your brain stops functioning in the usual manner. You start facing more and more distractions and therefore lead to serious problems like insomnia.

When you are sleep deprived you feel helpless and uneasy and this furthermore affects your health adversely. Your sensory-motor organs are bound to get disrupted in turn thereby affecting your thought process.

The functional attributes in your brain go haywire and you feel unable to concentrate on anything. Staring for long hours on the phone. The light emitted from the phones affects the sensitive cells and in turn, sends signals to the brain’s clock. This is, in turn, instrumental in regulating the circadian rhythms of the entire body.¬†

If you want to maintain your sanity and ensure the proper functioning of the brain. Then make sure you minimize the usage of the smartphones which might otherwise affect your brain. This resultant outcome might adversely affect health.

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