Smartphones and other electronic devices that we use for several purposes are full of our personal information and documents, and we cannot afford to risk it and get them into wrong hands as cyber crimes are at its peaks these days. With countless information that is available online comes with major risks as most of them are less concerned about security and privacy. You should be aware of those dangerous apps and use them wisely; otherwise, they will make their way to your smartphones, and your safety would be at dire risk. 


Behind its popularity, there is a dark side. Your phone itself can clear cache and manage the boosting. You don’t need any 3rd party app to do the job. Annoying ads make the system slow as well. Clean master is one of such apps that consumers install; it does nothing but wastes the phone space at the same time.

Social media app:

Social media apps are ranking at the top. Many people are using by the maximum percentage of the global population. Thus it is considered to be dangerous in terms of time and battery. Using all kinds of social media apps and the continuous updating of these apps not only waste the phone memory space but take the maximum charge of the devices. Smartphone lags for that reason. To be active in social media platforms, it is better to use in the browser. Such platforms are Facebook, Instagram and so on.

Avoid apps which require permission for everything. These are the apps that leak your personal information data to the 3rd party. These are unencrypted so that data can be hacked and you can be at risk. You must avoid using such applications if not vitally needed. UC browser, dolphin browsers are of those kinds.

3rd party app:

The 3rd party apps can infect your smartphones severely with malicious software. It takes control of your device. It cannot assure you security and might extract sensitive information.

The children, teens of today’s generation are also very much active online and immensely using the internet. Children are easy prey to such dangerous apps as they find them attractive and alluring. Here is the list you must know as a guardian to protect the child from doing or being the victim of cyber texting, sexting and more.  


Kik is making headlines as one of the most dangerous apps as it can expose the children to adult content, even child pornography, cyberbullying and cases of child predators using the app to contact children. Anyone can download it yet though it is rated 17+. 

Sham chat:

Another site is carrying pornographic content that you cannot allow your child to get exposed to. 

Snap chat:

It is one of the most popular among teens and adults and dangerous too. It is a fast-paced photo sharing and messaging. And one inappropriate step can let mishap befall.


Another viral online dating app which doesn’t ensure the authenticity of the one’s profile and the teens and adults can easily be the victim of several cybercrimes.  

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