The possibility of connection between smartphones and cancer is quite subjective. Many years of study on smartphones and cancer states conflicting results. Currently, there’s no evidence that smartphone can cause cancer.

What’s the major concern?

The main concern with smartphones and cancer is the development of tumors in the brain. Because of excessive usage of smartphone, the chances of development of brain tumors is likely high. Some research even suggests that the slight increase in the brain tumors started back in the 1970s itself. However, smartphones didn’t come into existence at that time.

Instead, a gradual increase in the development of brain tumors is because of the increased accesses to the healthcare. Also, some recent developments in the diagnostic imaging also helps in identifying brain humors at a good rate.

Some important statistics to know

According to the statistics, researchers have studied more than about 4,20,000 smartphone users over 20 years. However, they couldn’t find any proper evidence of a connection between smartphones and cancer.

Another study also states that the connection between smartphone and cancer is because of the salivary glands. But, there are lesser participants that had such malignant tumors.

A report also states that there are high possibilities of a particular type of tumors in the brain because of smartphone usage. However, there’s no evidence that states that the increase in the brain tumors is because of smartphone.

What does WHO say?

After studying the researches on a possible connection, WHO or World Health Organization says that there’s no evidence to prove it. However, they have a few evidences of developing acoustic neuroma, which is not a cancerous brain tumor. As a result, the WHO officials have classified the radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as a possible connection between smartphones and cancer.


As of now, nobody knows if smartphones can literally cause brain tumors, leading to cancer. Although long-term researches are still ongoing. To avoid any such cases, experts advise to stay away from phones. You can use your phone, restricting yourself to the number of hours that you are using. You can limit its usage and keep yourself healthier.

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