When you think about smartphones, all you can think it has become a part of our lives. The way these mobile phones and its users are growing, there’s also an increase in health problems.

According to predictions, about 4.5 billion people are using mobile phones. This means that there is a rapid increase in smartphone productions and usage. Nobody is realizing that they are now addicted to their phones.

What do you understand by Smartphone Addiction?

Do you panic when you don’t see your phone for some time? Do you feel like instantly replying to messages? If yes, then these are symptoms of smartphone addiction. In scientific language, it’s called as nomophobia. This is what smartphone addiction means. Now that you know you are suffering from smartphone addiction, here are some statistics that you must know.

Smartphone Addiction Statistics

There’s currently no data that states how many of you are now addicted to cellphones. However, there are some statistics that predicts that mobile usage isn’t as innocent as you think.

Here are some statistics that you must know.

  • An average individual checks his or her phone about 47 times in a day
  • 80 percent of the people check their phone before sleeping
  • 85 percent of the people use their phones when talking to their loved ones.
  • 47 percent of people are trying to limit their addiction.
  • 30 percent of the people have succeeded in limiting it.
  • People spend 171 minutes on their phones in a day.
  • They spend 76 minutes on checking social media apps that include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
  • Teenagers spend five to six hours on electronic gadgets in a day.
  • 71 percent of teenagers suffer from suicidal tendencies because of smartphone addiction
  • 51 percent of the teenagers don’t have a complete sleep over night because of this addiction.
  • 67 percent teachers have caught their students checking smartphones in class
  • 47 percent of parents think that their kid is suffering from smartphone addiction
  • 89 percent of parents tend to blame themselves for this smartphone addiction.


These are some good statistics that you must know to understand how you are addicted with your smartphone. Now, it’s time for you to get rid of smartphone addiction and work on your health.