Over the years’ technology has provided us with ample resources in order to regulate our overall functioning. Almost 30 % of smartphone users are believed to have installed one app pertaining to health. Do you think that this installation of health apps is good? Are you able to stay fit by adhering to the steps of the apps? Do you manage to track your health situation on a regular basis?

Why is harmful?

There is an insurmountable amount of apps such as for diet and exercises which are fitness trackers and freeing the calories counters. This kind of apps will be at you dispense if you are a health-conscious person. But however, you need to keep in mind that these apps do more harm than good to your well-being, even if there are apps that monitor the blood pressure and track the sleep quality. Also, there happens to exist certain apps that are instrumental in detecting epilepsy.

‍There is a notion which you will find in the mainstream presence concerning the health apps. These though may appear to you as indisputable those especially with regard to the corporate wellness. You need to conceive this fact that benefits derived from these apps are deemed to be controversial.

Using Health Apps?

These apps can lead to huge errors. The apps for exercise, however, on the whole, might appear to benefit you. But you need to understand that though they promote healthy behaviours. There is a graver opportunity concerning the damage. Though it might appear to be at an unabated one there appears to result in diabetes. This might be accidentally the resultant outcome of this exercise.

Should you stop using it?

Whenever the apps state that walking will help in better circulation of the blood. You tend to go out for long walks and cover a relatively larger distance. This is solely done for you to meet the target in miles or maybe in kilometres. However, on the face, it might appear to be true. But you are deluded by the basic notion. You should and must conceive the underlying dangers that it might cause. Exhaustion of the body might lead to dehydration and that might affect your health. This can make you fall ill. Therefore, assistance from health instructors is to be considered over the apps.


The data generated from the app is not accurate. This is particularly not a viable option for gaining an understanding of the blood pressure level. If you tend to rely on the app and after extraction of the data. You consume the medicine in accordance with that then you might be sabotaging your health. This is a grave concern that needs immediate addressing by the health experts. Though you might feel handy with the existence of such apps. Your health will consequently be threatened by the situational discomfort that will ooze out of this usage of the apps. Usage of health apps, therefore, should be done within a limit. Even if you consider it an important asset you should always consult doctors or health instructors before taking any steps.

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