When you get up in the morning what is the first thing that does? Or you want to do it? You tend to check your phones. You want to see whether you have received a notification or not. Beginning from the dusk and continuing until dawn apps have become inseparable from our lives.

Let us delve deeper to see how apps have impacted our lives

Looking Closely into it

It has made our lives way easier. Starting from your ordering of meal online and getting your house completely clean. You can book a taxi anyplace anywhere. You can also navigate your locations and almost socializing in any way has been made easier. It almost exists at the tip of your finger.

Amidst this advantageous situation, it has increasingly taken a toll on our mental health. Therefore, you feel affected by it on a constant basis. When you are hooked into the apps you become paranoid. In the sense that you always keep checking whether you have received a notification or not. Spending relatively longer hours paves the way for a depressive state of mind. Since each and every single thing is a click away from us. Therefore, we do not need to do things physically.

The vileness of social media

Social media continues to make us connected with the people however it also, in turn, detaches us from a lot of people. This detachment is very lethal as we start procrastinating. This procrastination accompanied by the severity of it distorts the individual self. Since we tend to be hooked to our phones we develop the pretentious outlook. This outlook is developed over a virtual space where millions of people are connected together. Therefore, even if you do not meet the person you connect to him on social media. However, you fail to know his real self. As easier, it can get that through this aim in bringing together a lot of people. It will eventually distance you from the community.

How does it work?

You are bound to get anxious whenever you use social media for a longer period of time per day. Since a lot of things keep happening that sabotages your thought process. You might feel offended by a certain thing on social media and you put up a post. There will be certain people who will comment and continue to label with hate speech. You will feel the dissipation in your rationality. As your notion or your understanding of something will be reinforced by ideas that do not belong to you. We, therefore, cannot completely ignore the negative side of the apps. Thought it has a significant impact on our lives. It is on us how we choose to use those apps. We should not depend on the apps completely.

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