The smartphone is taking a major place in the lives of people. Mobile phones have now become the newest version of personal diaries, or better even to say, a personal companion. People usually spend a lot of time fitting inside the virtual simulation of reality created by the phone.

Smartphones and apps

Smartphones have changed the vision of the world at large. The journey of using a smartphone from a mobile connection device was not long and easy. Smartphones are developing to be a part of man’s life to work out the daily problems of life easily. You can call it ‘smart’ because it is supposing to complement their human owners with their rational faculty. After a decade of the invention of smartphones, the question still remains that if smartphones are really helping the mass out with resolving many problems, or does it just remain another gadget of distraction and wastage of time.

The practical scenario and the researches state the answer to this question. You can see that smartphones are changing the lives of people throughout the world. The most vital feature of a smartphone is its internet connectivity. But, even without internet connectivity, smartphones are proving to be useful even to save lives.

Apps or applications are complex versions of software that runs within a smartphone. In the present day, we have apps for almost every task. There exist social media apps, digital painting apps, messaging apps, productivity apps, tools apps, game apps, and many more. Apps are what that run almost all the auxiliary functions of a smartphone except the feature of ideas, that is, voice calling and SMS. There are system apps that make daily chores easier as well. There is a calculator tool, a unit converter, a compass, an FM radio, and other necessary tools or objects for daily usage, all in the form of apps.

Social media apps

Firstly, Social media apps are nowadays a part of almost every individual’s life. Secondly, with the advent of smartphones, the internet, and more advanced technology, the world has become a much smaller place to live in. It is not possible for everyone to physically keep in contact with people in our lives. Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have made it easier for people to connect with other people across the world in only a smartphone.

Digital transaction apps

In this age of smartphones, we do not need to carry around wallets as well. Moreover, the apps are growing to work in smartphones in the same way digital banking has worked all these years. Now, it is possible to pay any merchant or to send money to kith and kin within seconds at a tap of our fingers. It is therefore in every aspect that apps are making our lives better.

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