It is pretty hard to see how hard our lives have changed over the course of time and it has been impacted largely due to the apps. The apps are functional in determining our existence. We feel helpless without the apps. The apps operate at the expanse of our consciousness. Therefore, it is important to understand how apps have impacted our lives.

Why do we give so much importance?

The emergence of technology has led to the development of apps. These are the tools that operate at our fingertips without much hassle. It is a kind of thread that binds the society in togetherness in this digital age. We are steadily evolving with each passing day and the apps transform us. It transforms our behavioural code of conduct and ascertains how we operate. Especially the social media apps ascertain that we communicate with each other with the utmost ease. The finesse is implanted in between us as we tread along the different paths of life. It effectively governs our ethical code of conduct.

How has it impacted our lives positively?

Apps for meditation regulates our well-being without much of an effort. This works as a contributing factor to assure us with mental peace. There are apps that help us to keep a tab on the work we do regularly. This helps us to decide on an equilibrium between our personal as well as professional lives. For business organizations, social media is helpful for the promotion of their products and connecting the business globally. You can share your views regarding anything and everything on social media. You can delve right into social media for communicating with your friend who lives in another part of the world. The social media app also helps us to reveal ourselves with the utmost confidence. This is particularly pertinent for the people who display their innate humanness.

How the apps have impacted us negatively?

Whenever we focus on our job a notification pops up and our concentration drifts on to that thing. This distorts our concentration and we fail to focus on our work. One of the graver concerns is that our social life gets embedded with the pretentious notion. We tend to pose someone of a dubious nature on social media. Therefore, we lose control of our own selves.

We stand at the threshold of a flux that induces the hypocrisy and the pretentious notions. It puts a toll on our mental health where we fail to focus on anything other than those apps. Those apps become us be all- end all. This sabotages our individual self and our identity comes at threat. We fail to focus on anything since our mind fluctuates in relation to those apps. Other than the social media apps there are apps such as Alexa where we fail to acknowledge our choice. Thereby rest it on Alexa and ask it to choose for us. We forget our own self and we do exactly what Alexa says. By constantly seeking advice from it.

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