Smartphones are always productive tools; however, you can get so addicted to it. These devise will interfere when it comes to your studies, relationships, as well as work. When you try to spend more time on mobile devices or social media, you tend to interact less with real people. You will not be able to stop yourselves from checking messages, emails, and apps. This means that you will really get addicted to your mobile devices soon. It has many negative consequences. The time has come for you to reassess your usage of technology.

Smartphone addiction is also termed as “nomophobia”. With the over usage of internet, your mind often gets distracted by various aspects. What exactly happens when you tend to overuse your phone? Do you know the consequences of it? If no, then you must read this article.

Problems with smartphone usage

There are many problems that comes with a lot of smartphone usage. Here are certain problems that you must know:

1. Virtual Relationships:

Addiction to phones, messaging, and texting will extend to such a point where real-life relationships will go for a toss. There are couples who sit together in hotels and restaurants, ignoring each other. This happens because they are too busy with their phones. They engage with their phones so much that they tend to ignore the people sitting in front of them. Often, people also try to find online friends and it attracts them to a certain extent.

2. Overload of information:

With a lot of web surfing, playing games, checking news, and social media can lower your productivity. It will isolate you from working and will make you neglect work to a significant extent. Over usage of internet will also process a lot of information within your minds, making you believe everything you see. Starting from avoid real-life relationships to enjoying your hobbies, you will start ignoring everything at once.

3. Online compulsions:

Many times, you will try to gamble, trade, or online shop to solve your financial issues. This might end up in causing a lot of losses for you. Although, online platforms give chances to earn money; however, there are lot of scams that happens online too. Sometimes, you tend to attract towards the negative aspect of it and end up in losses.


These are some of the negative impacts of smartphone usage. If you can limit your smartphone usage, then you can come back to reality and live a prosperous live. However, all you need to do is have the right will power and acceptance of your addiction.

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