In today’s world, smartphones are becoming a crucial part of everyone’s life. It seems to handle us, rather than we handling them.

Smartphones are such technologies that works like magic. Once you start using it, you fall into the trap of it, making you an addict of it. You can find information, buy and sell items, and connect with the whole world.

However, lately, phones are taking it to the next level by becoming the center part of everyone’s life. Whether you are trying hard to stay away from it, you can’t just avoid it for obvious reasons.

What does the research have to say?

While more research work is still going on, the impact of smartphones on people is quite visible. Numerous studies state the relationship between technology and humans. A recent study from the University of Arizona, it states that adolescents are heavily dependent on their phones. This is the reason why they are getting into depression and feel lonely.

As per a survey in 2018, it shows that young adults have mixed feelings about the usage of social media. These young adults show signs of depression from moderate to severe. They feel left out and get into depression by viewing posts from social media platform.

During the pandemic, these statistics have significantly increased. Working with technology is the right step to proceed into the future; however, with limited boundaries. This is something that people are forgetting nowadays.

Phones and sleeping habits

Many people face sleeping problems as they tend to check their phones while on bed. According to the Journal of Child Development, smartphones are the main source for depression to these young adults. Most of them are facing anxiety issues and are believing in acting out.

Phones can cause insomnia because it emits blue light from the screen. This light will suppress melatonin which is a hormone that is controlling your sleep cycle naturally.

How to break-up with your phone and make your lives better?

Here is the following list of things that you can do to breakup with your phone:

1. Filter out on what you are following in social media and try to avoid checking your phone quite often.

2. To improve your mental health, limit the time that you are spending on your smartphone. Try to restrict the phone usage up to 30 minutes in a day and track your progress.

3. Acknowledge that you are an addict and start working towards it.

4. Try to set boundaries and don’t look at your phones to do unnecessary works.

5. Use phone to do something good and productive, only when needed.

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