According to a new research, the blue light that emits from mobiles can cause many damages for your eyesight. It can destroy your cells, retina, and can lead to degeneration of macular. It’s an eye disease which can cause loss of your vision instantly.

The blue light emitting from your phones might seem harmless; however, it’s not. It can be really toxic to the eyes and can severe damages to it.

What scientists have to say on this?

There’s no secret of blue light damaging the retina of your eyes. There are experiments that proves that how it can damage your vision. On the spectrum of light, the wavelength of the blue light is shorter. It carries more energy than yellow and green light that is bad for your eyes. Also, if you use it continuously, it’s exposure can cause toxic reactions that kills photoreceptor cells within your retina.

However, in the case of green or any other light, there’s no activity that can cause this amount of toxicity.

What more can happen to your eyes?

Another molecule within your retinas act as antioxidants that prevents your eye cells from getting damaged. However, as people start growing, their immune system struggles in keeping the cells intact and healthy. Because of this, the constant bombardment that happens in your eyes because of the blue light develops macular degeneration.

As per Kasun Ratnayake, the photoreceptor cells don’t regenerate within your eyes. This means that if these cells die, then there are high possibilities that you can’t regenerate them.

How can you protect yourself?

The best way to protect yourself from damaging your retinas is by avoiding blue light. This light can also come from the light of the sun and also smartphones. However, if you stop sitting directly in-front of it, then it might cause severe harm.

You can wear sunglasses and antiglare glasses that can help you avoid direct exposure to this light. It will filter the blue light and can prevent damage of your eyes to a significant extent. Also, there are other eye drops available that helps you in countering the harmful impacts of the blue light.

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