Instead of playing outside, kids are more attracted to Television, mobile games, and video games. The addiction of gadget has taken the place of playing outside. As a parent, You shouldn’t allow your kids to be dependent on gadgets! While the programs on television, the games, etc., are all packed with action and have inviting challenges, it is highly addictive and might leave an unfavorable impact on the child’s development.

Getting rid of this addiction is tough and challenging. Most of the kids have never experienced the fun of going outside, exploring things, and playing with friends. This addiction can ruin their ability to create something and as they don’t go to play outside because they love to stay home for this addiction it makes an effect on their physical health also. This addiction deprives the ability of physical activity, but also drains them out of their creative ability and the ability to share and play in groups.

How to Break the Addiction of gadgets of your child?

Be an example for your child

Stay away from your mobile, tablet, and laptop for a few hours every day. Keep aside all of your gadgets at least for a couple of hours. Engage yourself in different forms of entertainment or hobby classes. Utilize the time by spending it with your family and kids.

Make some change in the routine

Try to distract your child by involving them in activities that will help her to leave the mobile and other gadgets aside. Change their routine and involve them in other activities which will help her to get rid of the addiction to gadgets.

Make it tough to be accessible

Keep your mobiles and other gadgets in a way that it won’t be easy to access. Keep parental controls so that when they use, you get a notification. 

Don’t make a habit of learning from activities

It is very obvious that learning by watching videos on your tab is a very easy way of learning. But you should realize that you are making them dependent on their gadgets. Most of the kids are comfortable in learning through the videos than learning by reading and writing as they are not as easy as learning through the video.

Get them involved in outdoor activities

Let them play with other kids so they can enjoy the moment and can stay away from the gadgets. It will help them to know how to communicate with others. It can be very helpful to build their communication skill.

Involve them in activity-based learning

Kids find gadgets as entertainment. They get bored with the toys you bought a week ago but they never get tired of mobile games, as it becomes more challenging at every new level. So when they are enjoying the challenges get them involved in a thing that is more challenging. No, it’s not the toys, Instead, what you could do is to subscribe to activity boxes that will be delivered to her every month. She can then engage for hours in activity-based learning.

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