Our world has become a constant feed with lots of information, noises, and entertainment. Our phone stays always with us, sometimes in our pockets, sometimes exactly in front of our eyes. The influence of the Internet and its constant stream of information is accessible from the near corner of our world. As a result, there are many distractions in our lives. It harms our ability to focus, create, and accomplish suffers significantly.

We’re constantly searching for ways to help ourselves to achieve a better life, by using smartphones. We believe that the minimalist lifestyle goes hand-in-hand by keeping away your smartphone. Minimalists move to clear away the clutter of physical “things”. They intentionally recognize what objects in your life are most important or essential.  We agree completely.

Helpful insights about minimalistic life

We recognize that people who are driven to a minimalist lifestyle fall on various places on the minimalism spectrum. Some people can dive head-first into the waters – giving away (or even selling) 95% of their possessions. Also, some people downsize their home (or moving into a “tiny house”) and even changing their career to free up their most valuable resource (time). Other people fall on the opposite side of the spectrum where they dutifully clean their closets, garage, toy boxes, attic and call it a day.

The minimalist lifestyle is a personal choice and we commend anyone who’s recognized that our society has a problem that needs attention. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, just recognizing that you might have “too much stuff” is a step in the right direction. Our favourite quote from The Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus are “Love people, use things.” It’s a brilliant, simple and true statement that can be used to help you stay on your minimalism journey.

Our focus isn’t about getting rid of stuff –

Although we certainly think it’s a great idea. Our mission is to simply help people find a balance when it comes to their phones. If you read any section of our website, you’ll quickly realize that we’re not anti-phones. Just pro-people. And to that end, we want people to make intentional choices when it comes to their relationship with their smartphone(s). You might say that we’re digital minimalists. We think that phones can be a valuable tool for people in today’s society. We just want you to be intentional when it comes to your phone usage.


If you are looking for some resources to learn more about simplifying your life and you are serious about becoming a minimalist, here are some great resources on Amazon. And we certainly do see the irony of buying something that helps you stop buying stuff. Also, note that we are part of the Amazon Affiliate Program – and we get a very “minimal” commission on everything you order. It’s just one more way to help grow our mission to get people off of their phones and back into life.

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