Have you ever noticed yourself blanking on things you never thought you would forget?

A study in the journal memory in the year 2016, has shown that depending on technology makes your brain lazy. Researchers state that when people ask difficult questions to the Google, they become more likely to ask even the simple questions to the search engine as well. Our ability to recall things hampers us by using smartphones as it overwhelms our mind with distractions.

Keep your device hidden

You pay too much attention to your smartphone even when the screen is dark. To reduce the ability to think in a clear way you have to go through the process of resisting the temptation to use the smartphone. Stash your phone in a desk drawer or in another room of your home at the time when you’re not making calls or sending texts.

What is the link between smart phone and memory loss?

In case of facing difficulties in forming memory, distraction works as a key factor. The time when we are in hurry and searching for information in various applications and notifications and trying to do multitasking on our smart phones, we stay half focused and that makes us unable to learn a new skill. Addiction of smartphones can be a cause of interruption in sleep as well. Detoxification of our brain is a necessity, which is possible by having a deep uninterrupted sleep. It is only when we get an uninterrupted deep sleep, the brain gets engage in synaptic pruning. By pruning old information, it makes space for new information. Our ability of retaining new information and form new memories gets hampered when we face interruption while sleeping. Increasing of screen time effects our sleep and not only that it also reduces our IQ significantly.

Loss of memory

Extreme use of Smartphones can be a cause of memory loss. Researchers of Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute has revealed that they have come to know through their recent study, increasing of the exposure to mobile device makes negative effects on the figural memory of adolescents. Teenagers who hold their smartphones next to their right ear, mostly gets affected as the Figural memory is located in the right hemisphere of the brain which helps us make sense of images, patterns and shapes. A young developing brain is more susceptible to phone-wave-induced changes up to 15 years of age said by the researchers, who did this study on 700 teenagers.

Ways of avoiding digital amnesia

  • Avoid carrying Smartphones to bed at night, such devices should be kept out of sight before sleeping.
  • Try to get to destination by using a printed Google map, instead of using GPS everywhere.
  • At least for one day try to avoid using smartphones.
  • To get rid of Smartphones Try to use land lines.
  • Try to observe a screen-free day atleast one day a week.

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