Many of us are now using social media to stay updated with the latest trends and pass time. However, it fuels our feelings with a lot of negativity, depression, isolation, and mental depressions. This article will help you to understand the negative aspects of social media and how you can improve your mental health.

How social media affects your mental health?

Human beings socialize with people differently. We are social creatives that craves for companionship to live our lives happily and strength our emotions. Sometimes, it has a positive impact on our mental health and gives us happiness. However, many times, it creates stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and depression by seeing posts of others. Many people use social media for self-worth, comfort, and joy to prevent loneliness.

On the other side, when you lock social connections in the real world, you opt for social media. This risks your mental health and hampers your emotional health too.

With platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and others connect you with people virtually. Although there are many benefits as people across the word can connect with each other, it replaces the real human connection with the virtual ones. This triggers human hormones to alleviate stress and influences our mental health badly.

How to improve your mental health?

Reduce the time you spend on social media

The first step that you must take to prevent yourself from getting influenced by the negative impacts of social media is avoid using it in the first place. You can track the time you are spending on each of these apps and try to restrict it. You can get rid of your smartphone addiction by switching off your phone for some time in a day regularly. Try not to carry smartphones to bed and disable all the social media platform’s notifications.

Focus on your life and build real connections

Excessive usage of social media might lead to more loneliness and depression. It kills moments from the real world and disconnects from stepping out of your house. Try to build more focus on things that you like to do in your normal life. Don’t use phones much when you are going out of house. Try to go on trips for some time and avoid carrying your phones with you. Also, make sure that you don’t use social media as an alternative to your real life. If you are an active user, try to restrict its usage and spend more time with your family and friends.


These are some possible ways that will help you in avoiding social media and get back to your real life. You can also express your gratitude and keep a track of your progress by maintaining records. This will improve your mental and emotional health, overall improving the quality of your lives significantly.

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