About 14 percent of people say that they want to show how they lead their lives on social media. According to surveys, it states about 36 percent of people admit that they put posts on social media to make their friends jealous.

People often feel jealous and start comparing their lives to the ones who are travelling often. They see the photos and tend to feel depressed and sad that they are unable to lead such lives.

The survey also states that American spend about 113 hours a year thinking of what their friends are doing in the vacations. They often follow their friend’s page and see posts to compare their lives with them. So, how do you stop it?

What can you do to stop getting jealous?

There are many things that you can do to stop this jealousy feeling and make peace with your lives. Here are a few things:

1. Acceptance to situations

When you are on a desk job, you cannot travel often. This is something that you know as well. Although you know about this, you still don’t accept it. Start accepting what life is giving back to you and make peace with it. This will help you stop comparing your lives with others. You will ultimately start feeling happier about what you have in your lives.

2. Stop scrolling social media

Although there are many perks of social media, it often follows with trauma. Unfortunately, people get into depression when they scroll feeds on social media. This happens again because of the comparison of lives. Try to avoid social media when you don’t really need it.

3. Get rid of smartphone addictions

It’s not only social media that makes your life difficult. It’s your smartphone that makes your life difficult. Try to get rid of your smartphone addiction and see what’s really happening in and around the world.


The problem is not with social media, but its usage. If you are not using social media for the right purpose, then you haven’t explored what social media can give it back to you. Also, sometimes try to talk a walk around your house. It might help you in finding beautiful places around you that you wouldn’t have seen before.

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