The opposite of smartphone addiction is known of Freedom. The freedom to select amongst the best choices, to utilize your smartphone or not.

  • Freedom is all about the feeling to avoid phones when not necessary.
  • Freedom also doesn’t refer to throwing your phone away when required.

It depends on the decision you are taking. Also, it depends when you want to use your phone and when you don’t want to.

The crucial point to achieve freedom and take back your control is knowing the triggers. When you are depending on phones completely, you will have to recondition your behaviour.

How to recondition your behaviour to avoid using smartphones too much?

The recondition of your behaviour comes with the feeling to liberate yourself. This liberation can happen when you start controlling yourself. It then becomes your choice.

Personally when you know the things that triggers you, you will have the experience to change your behaviour. This will help you in avoiding your smartphone usage and controlling your emotions. In turn, you will tend to avoid using your phones too much and get rid of smartphone addiction.

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