Push notifications are now ruining everyone’s life. Download any app, you will always get app notifications or their sale notifications. This can really hamper your life to a great extent. Starting from non-stop bugging your phone to generating curiousness to check again, it really breaks your peace. Therefore, have you tried switching off your notifications? If not, then you must start doing it now.

According to a study, about 89 percent of the interactions happen with smartphone. In other words, 89 percent of the time you get an internal cue to check your phone always. This has to stop.

What can you do to stop using your phones regularly?

If you want to change, then you must start turning your phone notifications. You will have to control your urges to check your phone constantly. This will help you in making a change and start with a new life.

Ultimately, you will see a change in your behaviour. You will not feel addicted towards your phone and start prioritizing things that are important.

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