Studies reveal that people in their frailties succumb to the monotony of the humdrum passive life by hooking to their mobile phones. Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives and almost appear to be inseparable. But you know what? There is always a way to combat addiction. 

Tips to consider

Deleting unnecessary apps from your phone:

Delete social media apps unless the ones are necessary. Facebook and other social media apps like Instagram mutate the human brain into a simulation of anything, and everything comes across social media. 

The pretentiousness and the hypocrisy embed voluntarily and one acts by that. For example, Facebook draws insights from the things you search for up on the app and flood your feed with the same things. These posts create a sense of indifference, forcing the individual to lose his capacity to produce.  

Therefore, one needs to understand that the redundancy of these apps can only be combatted by deletion. Since it continues to draw the individuals at an unabated rate towards the work creating distortion and distraction in the work-life.

Learning the attributes:

It is particularly wise to abandon the usage of taking notes on phones and replace them with physical notebooks. With the advent of technology, it has paved the situation where we tend to take notes and write anything and everything on the phone. 

However, this creates a void in the foundational attributes of taking notes and making effective usage of notepads, notebooks, etc. This will allow an individual to stay in touch with the world and not operate on virtual platforms.

Switching off your phone regularly:

Devices are used for staying connected to other people, and therefore work purposes it becomes essential. One must ignore the excessive usage of the phone. It can be mandated by switching off all the notifications that might spring out of the apps. It will help pave the way for staying focused on life instead of meddling now and then with the phone. 

Even if the social media apps are installed on your phone, you should not give in to too much scrolling. You should stop it since scrolling endlessly meaningless time consumes your time and leads to the soulless homogeneity. The social media tend to generate the feeds that captivate the users and tempt them to scroll aimlessly for long hours. And all of it is for nothing. You waste your time and nothing else. So it is better to stop scrolling the feeds of any social media apps. 


You can track your phone usage with the help of apps like Moment that will install a sense of balance by monitoring the smartphones’ facilities and, consequently, setting the limits. This will help in ensuring in attaining a space that will harmonize the work-life with the personal life and create a balance.

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