The screen is getting bigger and bigger in modern times and more productive and more prosperous. The amount of time we spend on screens has seen a drastic surge. We have moved to use various screens and tools such as computers and mobile devices, from work to entertainment. Our Lifestyles have also shifted quite a lot with individuals owning multiple devices for different purposes, whether commercial or leisure.

All this increased activity has put intense pressure on various of our sense organs. Our eyesight suffers severe strains because it is used as a primary organ to engage with the world. Today’s lifestyle has become very busy and reduced timings for proper rest, making your eyesight work for a longer and longer duration. Maintaining a sharp vision is very crucial to any of the jobs done. This article will inform you about various ways you can take proper care of the health of your eyes.

Eating well 

Eating well is very crucial for a healthy body and a healthy mind. To maintain optimum health, the body requires numerous minerals and vitamins. Eating a rich diet provides you with all that you need. Many nutrients are available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods alike. More specific nutrients, such as fatty acids, zinc, lutein, are crucial for healthy eyesight. Having a proper nutrition-rich diet also helps you fight diseases that come with age. It further enables you to avoid diabetes. Type diabetes is known to cause blindness. 

Reduce your screen time

Today’s lifestyle has changed a lot. We tend to spend our day on one screen to another. Having multiple devices only increases our eyes’ exposure to it for a more extended period. It would only be a wise idea to keep a check on it. Taking frequent breaks from the screen will help you rest your eyes.

Having a strict time for going to bed will help you avoid unnecessary time spent on screen for leisure. Using computer glasses is also a smart idea. It enables you to reduce the strain on your eyes. Adjusting the screen to be at your eye level helps Make sure to blink frequently. Eyes can often get dry when exposed for long durations to the screen.

Blinking helps moisturize it—some other smart hacks, including giving your eyesight some rest every 20 minutes. You can do so by simply closing your eyes for a few seconds. You should also look at 20 feet for a few seconds. It helps in readjusting focus and relaxes your eyes.

Quit smoking

The habit of smoking is dangerous. It makes your body vulnerable and prone to numerous diseases. Your eyes are likely to get cataract if you are a chain smoker. Smoking also causes damage to the optic nerve. Muscular degeneration has been known to be a symptom of smoking. It is understood while quitting is not easy, but putting an effort can get you positive results. Consulting a doctor can be helpful.


These are some of the best habits that can help you taking care of your eyes. You can also avoid using smartphones and sitting in front of laptops and computers for several hours together. If you don’t do it, it might severely hamper your eyes, making it difficult for you to see the world through your eyes.

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