These are confusing times, agreed? Yes! There are hundreds and thousands of information out there; however , mostly wrong. They will follow just because we heard it from someone who heard from someone who heard. Chinese whisper! We have been following so many myths since the beginning when we got our hands on our first smartphones. We never got down to question any of it. This has ultimately led us to believe. Here’s a list of five dumb myths that we have been doing with and on our phones

Shutting background apps –

Whenever we open up our phone, there are many apps open in the background for God knows how long. Now, these apps running, closing all of them must save me a lot of battery. It helps in speeding up my phone a bit right? Well, very sorry to inform you, but no, not really. Phones are different from laptops, wherein leaving pages and applications in the background will ultimately make your laptop run at a crawling speed. Applications open on a phone are like screenshots which help you remember what you were doing the last time it was open. Thus, it has no effect on your battery life

Draining the battery down to zero –

Many of us believe that bringing the phone battery down to its last percentage and then start shooting it up with all the charge is a great way to help your battery by using it to its full potential, buts its really not. Unlike old phones from the 90s, these are made from lithium-ions or lithium-ion polymers, which have no use of calibration. Thus, no use making your battery realize how far it can go

Only my charger –

It is a very true fact that using the charger which came in the box as your phone is the best thing for your phone, it doesn’t mean that it is the only one good enough for it. Don’t go off buying the same charger from the store and wasting a load of money on something which doesn’t really make a difference. You can easily use a cheaper one which suits your device and it will make no difference

The bigger the battery, the longer the use

Size does not matter! I am pretty sure all of must have heard it by or said this to someone at one point or another in our lives, and it is true, size really doesn’t matter. The real optimization of the battery life comes from the optimization of the software which makes sure your battery is used up the appropriate amount for the right things

Charging overnight

In the era of smartphones, we sometimes fail to notice that these truly are “smart-phones”. Our devices are smart enough to know when they are full of the energy they need and go and stop taking in current after reaching maximum.

Believing in myths is not a rare occurrence but having the accurate information is always the right and necessary way to go.

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