There is one that has the wide world under its grasp as if it were a cherry on a tree: ‘smartphone’. Whether it be a man, woman or any other gender, irrespective of age is glued to the face of their phones. 

The creator of the famous ‘Hamilton’ has a few words to say to today’s world. When asked in an interview as to where he finds the time for his creativeness, he says that an idea, a good idea, comes mostly to him in a moment of rest. It happens when he’s in the shower, or doodling, or even whilst playing with trains with his son. You can see his observation that is proven right for our future, and not just in the areas of creativity. You must have experienced one of these things once, or probably more than once in your life.

How to get rid of it?

A couple out on a dinner date, just as when they sit they pull out their phones to check messages or put an update on social media. Even during eating they have their phones in their hand and repeatedly keep using it. People standing in ques, they start using their phones. People standing in line at grocery stores, drivers and riders, they pull their phones out and start using. Parents giving their toddlers digital devices to keep them busy. As they grow to be inattentive and unaware of their surroundings, they keep their eyes stuck on the screen.

How it affects your relationships?

This unstoppable, almost universal to the world of technology and a world full of useful and useless information smartphone plays a crucial role. People at a young age is ultimately transforming the society in a way that is mostly negative. It has taken a toll on both physical and mental health, neurological effects and effects on personal relationships. Most importantly, the risk and safety breaches that take place such as using phones while crossing roads and literally bumping into people and tripping and falling.

How adults suffer?

As for physical well-being, for every minute and every hour of the day you spend on any kind of a digital device, this will most likely be indoors. The digital screens are snatching away the time that children and teenagers should be spending on doing physical activities such as playing sports, engaging and making contact with other children, reading, all of which are very important and crucial physical activities and social development skills for growing children. Adverse effects of smartphone addiction not only affects children but has taken the adults away from themselves. This overuse not only takes them away from ‘real’ people but also has negative effects on their physical health. Adults suffer from pain in the neck, back pains, descending eye power and various other issues all around.

Smartphone addiction is real and affects a large mass of users every second of the day. Its due time we take it as seriously as other forms of addiction.

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