Exposure to social media has become common nowadays due to the influence of technology. Teenagers use a lot of social media and watch impactful contents. It is because they have a brilliant pick up power concerning those apps. They stay glued to social media platforms. This implores and disrupts their cognitive and emotional aspect. Since the emotional stability and their sanity are sabotaging because of the addiction. This is supposed to be their development strategy and whenever the teenagers are deluding by reality. They start creating an alternate reality in social media platforms.

Very few people tend to give attention to the children the way they function or the way they meddle with the social media platforms. Social media has almost become an inseparable part of the life of teenagers. Therefore, they are hooking on these platforms.

Are their minds vulnerable?

The teenage minds are drawing more towards getting likes on social media. They are therefore ready to go to any extent for receiving these likes. This becomes very dangerous as they might pose as impostors and cause troubles. The addictiveness is lethal to the brain as it releases the melatonin levels and affects the sleep. This sleeplessness or insomnia are embedding inside the teenager’s mind. This is becoming a terrible situation for them as they are growing up. Their health will start deteriorating and will develop a lot of problems.

Mostly their brain are going through trauma at an early stage. When they should be focusing a lot more and developing concentration. Instead, they face a situation where they are unable to function properly. Because they lose their focus mid-way while doing a job and everything goes haywire.

What space does it give them?

Along with social media gives space to the teens which become harmful. Since they become vindictive and start harming each other. The lashing out is particularly very common and is increasingly harmful. This needs a lot of attention and they must take care of it. They are inducing themselves by the criminality and that inculcating it in their thought process.

When they feel they have control over anybody over social media they start exercising them. This exertion of power by the teens at their early stage makes them lead a way in being a more oppressive figure. All kinds of cyberbullying are mostly undertaken by teens. They are more susceptible to this because they can be manipulated easily. This makes social media one of the most treacherous platforms over the times.

When the child spends most of their time online they are exposing themselves to isolation and, in turn, are developing depression. This affects their retinal aspects as well as the mind. Prolonged usage of social media paves the way for low self-esteem as well as the aspect pertaining to the symptoms pertaining to a depressive state of mind.

Therefore, parents and medical specialists take adequate care of such an alarming situation. They should spread awareness to mellow it down. So that the teenagers are not exposed to such an abominable situation as the resultant outcome of social media.

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