With the COVID-19 worsening the world, you will see many social media posts with “Stay at home” campaigns. Along with this, it is hitting people’s mental health and behavior badly. Furthermore, the alcohol consumption and drug market are also fastly growing because of these issues.

This study states how the COVID-19 is hitting people’s health behavior and how it is changing lives. According to the study, you can easily see that four out ten adults across the United States of America are reporting symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other behavioral issues.

Here are a few health issues that people are commonly facing:

  1. Anxiety, sadness, and frustrations.
  2. Appetite changes
  3. Nightmares
  4. Depletion in energy and interests
  5. Lack of desires
  6. Physical reactions like body pains, skin rashes, and others
  7. Chronic health issues
  8. Mental health issues
  9. Increase usage of alcohol, and other substances.

How to deal with behavioral changes?

Naturally, during this COVID-19 phase, people are going through a lot of stress and other issues. So, coping up with changes might be hard for them in the recent times. They feel upset and making a change in their lifestyle might be hard initially. Therefore, as times pass by, you will have to keep working on yourself. Also, you will have to motivate yourself by taking care of your body.

Here are some things that you can perform to keep yourselves healthy:

  1. Firstly, meditation is the best approach to keep yourselves motivated.
  2. Secondly, eat healthy and maintain a balance diet
  3. Thirdly, regularly perform physical exercises
  4. Sleep for 7 to 8 hours.
  5. Avoid drinking alcohol and taking substances
  6. Maintain a healthy routine
  7. Try to get vaccinated.
  8. Talk a walk on your terrace.
  9. Mingle with your family members
  10. Try to unwind yourself by performing activities
  11. Talk with your friends and maintain a healthy relationship
  12. Maintain social distancing and try to connect with others through social media platforms.


It’s important to take care of your health and your family’s too. During these tough times, ensure that you adhere to all the Covid protocols and also avoid taking stresses. This will help you in maintaining good bonds with your family, friends, and closed ones.

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