Teenagers has become so much dependent on video games as if they are living for it. Too many teenagers plays video games compulsively. Gaming can be beneficial as well. But addiction of gaming has become a major concern for parents. Prioritizing gaming over every other thing including their personal and educational lives can be a cause of gaming addiction. This can lead you to unhealthy gaming behaviour and make you dependent on it.

There are some negative consequences of the gaming addiction and Teens are unable to see it. Attempting to stop gaming can be a cause of suffering through a withdrawal effects. You cannot consider gaming addiction as a mental health issue for some insufficient facts. However, medical professionals and scientists are studying to find out the connections between gaming addiction and mental health issues.

Things that parents should know

  1. For now, you cannot consider computer game addiction as a psychological disorder officially. People are debating if they can include the computer game addiction in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. However, currently you can describe it as a negative impact on someone’s life.
  2. It is important to examine if computer gaming addiction is hampering the social relationship, school performance, mood, and development of interpersonal skills of teenagers.
  3. Gaming addiction is something that can grow with the growing age of a person. So parents shouldn’t take this issue lightly. Parents should take care of this problem as soon as they recognize it. Assuming that the children will eventually get rid of the gaming addiction would not be a right thing.

Why parents must show their concern?

The parents must show concern if the study of their children is getting hampered because of their gaming addiction. Parents should make some rules on computer gaming and should enforce them to follow it. Having no limitations can be harmful.

What more should parents know and do?

  1. The treatment for this addiction can be removing the computer from their room.
  2. You can consider cognitive behavioural therapy as a treatment for computer game addiction. In fact, among all, this therapy is the most popular one. This therapy would make you involved in other activities. It will set reminder to playing. Also, it will help you to reduce enabling behaviour and it would help you to avoid the environmental triggers.
  3. parents are begging for help from the professionals. Professionals are also taking this gaming addiction issue very seriously. Professional thinks that the addiction of computer games are a primary problem. Also, if there is necessity then direct treatment should be offered to this issue. And they are also trying to discover the root cause of the problem.
  4. Teenagers who are going through a serious mental health issue like depression, will always be attracted to computer games. Because they think that they are not capable of dealing with the real world.

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