Sometimes, we all tend to get angry when we open our smartphones. This happens because we are having a bad day or are frustrated with the way our life is moving forward.

Smartphones are good in many ways. It always helps us in resolving any queries and concerns that we have. Also, it helps us in earning money, connecting with our families when we are away, and many more instances. Although everything is good about smartphones, we still get angry to use sometimes.

Here are some instances that you might have come across:

1. When you are turning on your smartphone, there are many absurd notifications that you don’t have to see.

2. When your smartphone is not working properly or you are unable to type on your keyboard.

3. Sometimes, the smartphones hang because of any bug issues.

4. When you are getting an annoying call and don’t have to receive it.

These are some common instances that you might have come across. Besides this, there are many other instances that will make you angry when using smartphones.

So, what can you do to avoid it?

The reason why you get angry when you are using smartphones is because you are addicted. Your addiction to smartphones can also make you feel angry. How? When you receive notifications, you want to check it out instantly. However, deep down, you don’t want to touch your phone at all.

To avoid smartphones disturbing you or making you lose your patience, here are some tactics;

1. Stop using phones when you don’t need to use it.

2. Avoid using social media on your phone regularly.

3. Turn off the notifications for apps that you don’t use or want to use

4. Try to avoid phones in the first place and use it when you have an urgency.


There are many ways to avoid using smartphones. Try to get a smartphone usage tracker on your phone to understand where you are spending a lot of time. Try to analyze it properly and then shut down the apps where you are spending a lot of time. This will help you in dealing with your smartphone addiction.

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