Smartphone addiction is something that our whole world is both striving and fighting with. Not taken as seriously as other forms of addiction, smartphone addiction has been taking over the world like an unrecognizable parasite. Sufferers of smartphone addiction face the same problems faced by addicts of other addictions. This includes getting high from their form of addiction, not knowing that they are addicts. Thinking that they have it under control, denial, not being able to abandon their addiction, etc. Here are a few things that someone can opt for to help them get rid of their smartphone addiction:

Don’t touch:

The base of any form of addiction is the availability of it. You must have control over yourself when you are around it. One of the reasons for the rise of smartphone addiction is that people find themselves with their devices in their hands ALL THE TIME. It has become our go-to substance for every moment of everyday that we don’t have anything do to with our fingers. We start tapping our fingers on the screen even when there is nothing to do. For starters, we should try to minimalize touching our device as less as we can and only use it for necessary stuff like making a call. This will help you come in terms with not using it frequently.

Night night:

With the habit of using our smartphone while we go to bed and let a sleeping device. We have become so lazy that we don’t let our mind be at rest for even a second before sleeping, we use the phones to help us sleep. Keeping your phone away, an hour before we go to bed will help in exterminate blue light which ends up giving us poor sleep.

Keep it away:

While you should not use your smartphone an hour before going to bed, it is also advices that you don’t keep it anywhere near you whilst going to bed because as creatures of addiction tend to do, if you find yourself up in the middle of the night you might feel the need to, just for once, check up on the device. As stretched as this might seem, it’s true and you know it. So keep it away.


Make efforts to help you accomplish your goal of leaving behind your addiction. Installing these two types of apps will surely help. The first one is a screen timer app which shows you the total amount of time that you’ve spent on an app, this will especially help you in reducing the usage of social media platforms as a reminder will be sitting right in front of you. The second is apps which restrict the use of other apps. This too will be helping in helping you out a stop on those social media apps.

Digital detox:

Just as other addictions, doing a detox of your body from your form of addiction and finally learn to take a control over your own self.

Help yourself become a better version of yourself and leave behind a life of addiction. Take control over your life and yourself.

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