Smartphones are now an important aspect of our lies. It increases flexibility and productivity when you tend to use correctly. However, it’s quite addictive. If you look at it from the larger prospective, it can be harmful to you and your body in many ways.

Phones can distract you at any given time. So, what can do you do save your energy and enhance your life’s productivity to a great extent.

Uninstall unnecessary apps

When you have many apps on your phone, you tend to use quite often. It’s pointless to use so many apps that keeps you occupied all the time. The notifications that you receive now and then can distract you many times. You can keep limited apps that are necessary for you to use to earn and communicate with others.

Control your app notifications

Many push notifications are useful as they can save money for you. However, it interrupts you now and then when you receive a notification message. To stay productive, you have to switch off your app notifications and check only those apps that are necessary to use.

Track your app usage

Start becoming mindful of the apps that you are downloading and using it. Know where most of your time goes when you use your phone by tracking its usage. Then, try to place controls over the same and look at the wider picture. You can set reports and invoice the mobile work into effortless way by tracking the apps usage.

Restructure home screens

The best way to avoid using phones is by setting some organized and minimal apps on your apps. You can restructure your home screen by adding shortcuts of the apps that you want to use regularly.


These are some efficient ways that will help you to avoid using smartphones. This, in turn, will help you in increasing productivity and put your energy on the right places.

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